Yucatan, Mexico

Sanchez-Kane uses fashion as language and weapon of communication creating a personal and political debate – represented in a poetic disruptive way from a feminist vision.
Sanchez-Kane is somewhere in between real and fantasy world; a Mexican clothing brand curated by emotional chaos. Find your group of misfits and levitate together.
The natural deconstruction of a garment, religious iconography, patterns, fabrics and sewing lines from Mexican “mercados” or “barrios” is infinite. The kitsch and folkloric scene is my main source of inspiration. “I feel more attached when designing. Paintings, poetry, music, dance or life itself inspire each collection. The perception of beauty can penetrate in different ways and mediums, even if it contains brutality, fear, ugliness or our darkest face.
Self-expression is a vital form of survival. I seek to create something new and seductive---not necessarily attracting the masses or to be attractive in a charming way. We need variety to find new responses.”


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